Otsuka Shanghai Research Institute (OSRI) was established in 2008 as a research-based enterprise for new dug discovery wholly owned by Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. of Japan through Otsuka China Investment Co.,Ltd. Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd is affiliated to Otsuka Pharmaceutical Group, which was established on the basis of Otsuka Pharmaceutical Factory in 1921. Based on our philosophy of 'Otsuka – people creating new products for better health worldwide', Otsuka discovered and produced the new patent drug Mikenlan and Meptin in early 1980s.Thereafter,new pharmaceutical drugs were discovered continually, such as Abilify, the anti-depression drug and Tolvaptan, which is just approved by FDA. Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd has 116 subsidiary companies in 18 countries and regions, with approximately 39,000 employees worldwide. It is a comprehensive research and development-based pharmaceutical company.

Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd new drug development department owned 12 pre-clinical research institutes, in which 11 of them are in Japan and 1 of them is located in Maryland, United States. With the help of Otsuka’s advanced technology and deep experience in drug discovery, in order to launch new pharmaceutical drug discovery for disease treatment, and cooperate with Chinese researchers and experts as well as the research institutes in Japan and U.S., Otsuka Shanghai Research Institute was registered and established in Zhangjiang Hi-tech Park, Shanghai in Aug 2008. The lab set up has finished and the projects have initiated. The major projects are focus on the research and discovery of antibiotics and anti-degenerative drugs. With the expansion of the research institute, we will cooperate with more research institutes to start the research and discovery of anti-cancer drugs and relevant technologies.

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