Otsuka Pharmaceutical Company’s business is the medical and pharmaceutical business for disease treatment and relevant business to provide every-day healthy living to customers.
       Looking back to 1921, Otsuka Pharmaceutical Company was initially established and turned to a injection drug company in 1946. And then in the year of 1964, the current Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd was established and developed to be the leading company, which provide nutrient management for patients. Eventually in 1971, Otsuka started the discovery and research of new drugs. Furthermore, the deep experience in medical and pharmaceutical fields was applied in consumer goods business flexibly.
      The medical and pharmaceutical relevant business is mainly focus on CNS, cancer, circulatory system, digestive system, respiratory system, eye and skin with the orientation on Japan, United States and Europe to do the R&D and sell all around the world.
      In Japan, Otsuka Pharmaceutical Company was contributed to the human disease treatment mainly via anti-glastric ulcer drug MUKOSUTA, atiplatelet drug BURETARU,anti-psychotic drug EBIRIFAI, bronchodilator treatment drug MEBUTIN, anti-glaucoma drug MIKERAN, new foloroquinolone external used antibiotics AKUATIMU and injection drugs.
      In addition, within the diagnostic fields, Otsuka initiated the development of internal & external diagnostic drugs and reagents.The By using the H.PIRORI diagnostic reagent YUBIITO using stable isotope 13C and machine, the patients will not feel nervous and could get the diagnostic result in a short time.

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